Sorry no petrol

We all saw the signs recently and the truth was, we were never really going to run of petrol. So, this isn’t a blog piece designed to add to the frenzy whipped up by the media. But it does raise a very interesting question. 

If the supply chain for petrol and diesel is as fragile as it seems, then what’s the alternative and why are we here at BVEC bothering to write about it on this blog.

Well, the answer to both of those questions is very simple. First of all, ‘electric’ is the obvious alternative to powering cars and secondly the reason we’re writing about it is because electric is what we know best at BVEC, we are after all one of the South West’s leading, NICEIC approved, residential and commercial electrical contractors. That means that when it comes to electric, we know what we’re talking about.

One of the major things that we’re working on at the moment is the installation of car charging points in residential homes, public car parks and places of work. There’s not a week that goes by where we’re not installing them, quoting on them or ordering the equipment in. We certainly consider it to be the way forward for vehicle travel.

Increased demand

There is a clear move towards electric charging and we’re seeing the demand coming through on a regular basis. But this isn’t about being smug as queues at petrol stations grew, this is about having a meaningful conversation about the way forward. 

The likes of Tesla, Porsche and Mercedes may well be leading the way but these premium car brands remain relatively unaffordable for most customers out there. But it’s the work being done by brands such Ford, Volkswagen and Fiat that are making the whole thing attainable, especially with the Government backed grants that are accessible.

We applaud the shift that’s taking place but this has to be backed by the infrastructure that needs to be put in place to support electric car drivers. Nobody wants to buy a car that can’t be powered and that’s the reason why we’re so busy installing chargers across the whole of the south west region.  

No chargers, no power

So, the word of warning here in this sea of positivity is this. However popular and exciting the electric car market is, it’s nothing without the ability to charge them up. No chargers, no power. No power, no cars. 

So if you are considering buying an electric car make sure you talk to us at BVEC about having a car charger installed at home. But also, think about where we might be able to install our network of chargers over the coming weeks and months in public areas as well, as this is what will make the real difference to potential electric car drivers of the future.

So what about us at BVEC

Lastly if you’re minded to ask the next logical question of whether we here at BVEC are willing to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ then the answer is once again very simple … yes we are. So much so that we have just taken delivering of our very own first electric company car. 

So what that proves is that here at BVEC we don’t just ‘talk the talk’, we actually ‘walk the walk’ … well technically ‘drive’ not ‘walk’, but you get the idea.

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